Once upon a time, there were two men who had a passion for games. These two men, Brent and Jeramy, would spend hours discussing creative ways to play Dungeons and Dragons or Pathfinder with their own twist to it. During these conversations, Jeramy and Brent realized they had begun to create the makings of a board game. Brent brought the idea up to his fiance, Michelle, and she told them to make a prototype for the group to play. The gamer group, Christian, Mo, Jeramy, Brent, Michelle, and Dom, were all awaiting the chance to test this game. Mo, in all his artistic wonderment, offered to pitch in on art to make the prototype more attractive. Christian was excited to write the “fluff” for the characters and wanted to get started right away on the story for the game. Michelle brought her vast collection, and obsession, of board games in to provide different styles of games to influence the rules and give inspiration for game-play. The boys spent many nights going over details and trying to iron out rules to make this game playable, understandable, and fun.

Jeramy pulled Michelle aside to pick her business brain in regards to potentially selling the game to local game groups that he used to play with or knew. This was the birth of the idea for Board2Death Games. Jeramy hadn’t mentioned much to the others, just a little statement here and there, but he trusted Michelle’s background in business management.

During an intensive creative meeting, Jeramy mentioned to the others his thought of selling the game. The ball started rolling. Brent handled getting licenses, while Christian and Michelle started a newsletter. Mo was working on designs while self-teaching himself to improve in Photoshop and digitizing hand drawn images. Michelle’s son, Dom, was told about the idea by asking him to play-test a game with us. Dom’s young age of 9 brought the child wonderment to the games. He was always giving ideas for the rules to make them more understandable and even started coming up with an idea for a game of his own. Jeramy couldn’t stop smiling; his dream was coming to life. He focused on the game with every second of his free time, around the weekly game night of course.

One night, Jeramy, Brent, Mo, and Christian were spending hours dungeon crawling under the cruel ideas of their DM. Brent came home exhausted. He almost lost his character that night. He sat down next to Michelle on the couch and laid his head on her shoulder. They just sat quiet for a moment when suddenly Brent exclaimed, “I have an idea for a game!” Story Master was born.

The next few months were spent putting all energy and time in creating, play-testing, and producing Story Master.


And the story continues…