The vision behind Story Master was to create a story telling, improv party game with the intent of bringing people together.


Story Master depicts one of the core values of our company by

“inspiring creativity” in every story that an individual, or group, has to create with the resources (cards) given.


This game has the versatility to
be used in classrooms, community building events, and just on-the- go.

The small size makes it
easily transportable while bursting the carrier’s pockets with the tool to “have fun”.

There are two main rule sets that are included in each copy of the game, but we have opened the possibilities to many more variations.


We provide an outlet for ideas on our social media

Story Master™

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Game Play

Story Master gives everyone the chance to be their own game maker.
Rather than having one judge, Story Master makes everyone playing judges together.


  • With the “Veto” rule giving players the right to vote on the cohesiveness of a story and the use of a word in the story, story tellers have to keep on their toes to keep in the competition. We implemented this rule to help people strive to improve their story telling and expand their creativity. The side effect of the improvement of these skills is that it can be used to improve game play in many role play games.



  • One of the game play rule-sets is named “Waterfall”. This rule-set puts players against each other by making them work together to knock each other out. Teamwork and competition in one style of game play! While you need to listen to how the story is progressing from one person to the next, you also need to plan on how to derail the story for the person, or people, following you.


There are many things to be said about Story Master, but unoriginal and not innovative are definitely not words muttered or said in regards to this game.